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    Manufacturing starts from the core activity of textiles which is spinning. This is the twisting together of drawn out strands of fibres to form yarn.

    Since Manahil Textiles inception, spinning has been a basic and integral component. Manahil Textiles has three spinning units having more than 110,000 spindles and 5000 rotors equipped with machines imported from UK, USA, Germany, Japan and China. These units are capable of producing a wide range of yarn from 100% cotton to poly cotton, poly viscose, slub yarn, siro yarn and core yarn. They have the capacity to produce 100 tons per day of average yarn count in 100% cotton.

    The latest machinery is used in blow room lines and auto cone machines to eliminate any possibility of contamination. Spinning capacity has recently been upgraded with the addition of TRUCZSCHLER TC 11 carding machine, Rieter RSBD-22 drawing frame, and Murata 21C Q-PRO auto coners.

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